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Individuals with SAP skill-sets are valuable assets, and are in continual demand within this extensive partner network of more than 11,700 companies. In fact, 98 of the world's most valued 100 brands run SAP. Take that step now by signing up!

If you’ve been struggling and need a way out, cheap, short-term money-making tricks won’t help you. What you need is a skillset that can land you high-paying Job in short order. At Infotechskills, our mission is to help people like you find financial freedom through high-paying SAP opportunities
Hoping to establish your organization on the global path to greatness? Then leverage on our world class trainings today. With our online learning interface you will be able to learn any SAP modules of your choice and become world class SAP consultant from the comfort of your home
Individuals with SAP skill-sets are valuable assets, and are in continual demand within this extensive partner network of more than 11,700 companies. In fact, 98 of the world's most valued 100 brands run SAP. Take that step now by signing up!
I’ve got some good news for you. Over 80% of the world’s businesses in public and private sectors in any economy globally, operate using SAP systems. All of these organizations need professionals to manage and secure their systems – and they pay quite handsomely for it. You see why you need to sign up for our courses now!
SAP systems can’t run themselves and the data they provide still requires some work in order for it to help a business grow. Most times, companies that rely on SAP systems have dedicated staff keeping things moving smoothly. Nothing will come of this if you don’t take action now.

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With our rich learning interface designed to give users a world class learning experience, you can learn and apply any SAP modules of your choice and become a world class SAP consultants from the comfort of your home.

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We organize offline seminars, workshops and general staff training on all SAP modules

Hoping to establish your organisation on the global path to greatness, then leverage on our world class trainings, seminars and workshops. We organise affordable in-house and offsite trainings anywhere in the World.

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  We have successfully trained hundreds of SAP professionals.

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  A supportive teaching staff and community to help your       learning.

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  Our Courses on Average cost 40% less than other SAP       Offerings.

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  No prior skills required, we will teach you everything from       scratch if you’re a beginner

  We deliver trainings that prepares you for real world.

  We give mentorship and guidance towards SAP certification.

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If you’re not familiar with SAP, you probably haven’t been around the business world long enough. SAP is a global brand that serves businesses with Software that allows them to function at a higher level. This software can be used to monitor every aspect of the organisation easily and allow businesses to save money by identifying problems and increasing efficiency. This helps organisations deliver more for Clients.

This course on SAP CYBER SECURITY will walk you through all you need to know on implementing Cyber security using SAP.


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SAP Cyber Security and Audit

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GRC Process Control

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Why 98% Of World’s Top 100 Most Valued Brands Run SAP

At the just concluded World Economic Forum(WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, the President of the United States(Donald Trump) met with the global business leaders including the MD of SAP (Bill Mc-Dermott) and Trump specifically mentioned that everyone seated is a customer of SAP This is evidence of SAP’s dominance in the world of business technology

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Getting Above Job Insecurity

Growing up many years ago, it was relatively easier to secure jobs and keep them for years. As at then, it was very unusual for the average university graduate to be out of jobs. Unfortunately, today it’s no longer the same. In fact, it is rare to find a working person who hasn’t been laid-off at least once. Even those currently employed have some sort of anxiety around their job security. It is no more unusual to be told “We’re eliminating your department” or “We’re getting rid of your position.”

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Reasons SAP Security Matters

SAP enterprise applications play a mission-critical role at countless organizations around the world, yet relatively little is discussed about the potential consequences of successful cyberattacks on these apps. Unlike the continuous spotlight on Windows vulnerabilities — and increasingly on Android malware — flaws in enterprise platforms like SAP have remained largely under the radar despite the potentially bigger consequences of an attack.

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